Competition and Anti-Trust

Our core Competition and Anti-Trust practice areas include anti-trust, unfair competition, transactional anti-trust matters and IP related anti-trust matters. Our Competition and Anti-Trust Division has extensive experience in competition and anti-trust matters, including lawyers with additional industry degrees and professional practitioners with economics background who are capable of effectively understanding and protecting our client’s interest. We maintain long standing working relationships with different governmental bodies including the Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration of Industry and Commerce as well as different departments within the Hong Kong SAR Government. These advantages have allowed us to comprehend the ever-changing legal and regulatory environment in China in a timely manner, benefiting our clients through effective communication with different governmental and regulatory bodies. We have represented leading technology enterprises, large-scale financial institutions and multinational corporations on various competition law and anti-trust matters. 

With M&A as one of our core practice areas, our extensive experience in anti-trust practice allows us to be perfectly well-positioned to advice national and multinational corporations on merger control and anti-trust proceedings and assessments. With some of the first lawyers in China to develop a competition and anti-trust practice, we have since represented dozens of multinational corporations in filing merger approvals and obtaining merger control clearances in China. 

Our strong academic research capacity combined with our extensive practice experience allows us to fully integrate our professional knowledge in the fields of intellectual property and anti-trust in order to provide comprehensive and personalized anti-trust legal advice to our clients on issues including establishment of technical standards, technical cross-licensing, patent pools and patent bundling.

Unfair competition and anti-trust matters share many common denominators on the legislative front. With years of practical experience, we not only provide top-tier legal advice on unfair competition matters, but also tailor our advice and solutions depending on the scale of the company and the specific circumstances of the case in order to maximize protection to our clients’interest.

We offer the following services:

Represent corporations in civil compensation claims in anti-trust cases

Represent corporations in conducting administrative investigation procedures in anti-trust cases

Advice and produce legal opinion on potential anti-trust issues including clients’ marketing policy and pricing policy.

Conduct lectures, seminar sessions and senior management training on anti-trust matters