Trust and Asset Securities

We are amongst the first law firms in China to develop a trust and asset securitization practice. We have an exceptional trust and asset securitization team who has developed close working relationships with financial product issuers, financial service providers and various corporations seeking finance, allowing us to provide quality and efficient legal services to both sides of the financing business.

We offer the following services:

Advice on various commercial trusts independently operated by corporate trustees

Bank financial schemes and cooperative trusts

Infrastructure and Welfare cooperative projects between corporate trustees and government bodies at all levels

Trust fund raising in anticipation for private equity investment scheme

Public Welfare Trusts

Asset management for clients of Securities Firms (directional, collective, targeted)

Insurance asset management (including third-party assets) for asset management companies including infrastructure investment planning and non-infrastructure property investment planning

Advice on Annuity Funds for securities, funds, trusts and insurance corporates

Advice on various credit asset securities issued by financial institutions

Advice commercial banks and asset management firms on restructuring their securities business

Advice on lease asset securitization

Advice Auto Loan Companies on auto mortgage securitization

Asset securitization of non-financial corporations including: Asset-backed instruments (corporate acting as originator with banks or securities firm issuing note at National Banks securities market); Asset-backed beneficiary certificate (corporate as originator, with securities firm issuing notes in the securities market through specially devised asset management plan)