Litigation, Arbitration and International Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Arbitration is one of the main practice areas at our firm. Our Litigation and Arbitration Division is made up of deeply experienced and seasoned partners and associates with Masters and PhD education attained at institutions within and outside of China. We have represented and advised large-scale corporations, government bodies and individuals on various litigation and arbitration proceedings. Through our years of practice, we have garnered extensive practical experience with some of our members serving or having served in the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and the Beijing Arbitration Commission.

We offer the following services:

Corporate economic disputes

Infringement of investor rights disputes

Contract disputes arising from corporate reform

Contract disputes arising from corporate shares reform

Contract disputes arising from transfer of debt to equity

Contract disputes arising from spin-off

Contract disputes arising from corporate tenancy

Contract disputes arising from sale of company

Contract disputes arising from corporate mergers

Advising China-Overseas funded corporations on contractual disputes

Advising China-Overseas association corporations on contractual disputes

Disputes on shareholder eligibility

Disputes on shareholder financing

Disputes over newly injected capital acquisitions

Disputes over shareholder rights-to-know

Disputes over corporate purchase

Disputes over share transfers

Advice on disputes over corporate decisions

Disputes over establishment of corporate entities

Disputes over return of corporate registration certificate

Disputes over Company profit distribution

Disputes over infringements on shareholders’ interests

Disputes over undermining corporate interests

Corporate merger disputes

Corporate de-merger disputes

Corporate decapitalization disputes

Disputes over corporate capital injection

Disputes over corporate dissolution

Disputes associated with corporate liquidation

Advising on obligation disputes from liquidation

Application for bankruptcy and liquidation

Application for bankruptcy and restructuring

Application for bankruptcy settlements

Advice disputes over acquisitions by Listed Companies