Probate and Trusts

We provide our clients with personalized services, including preparation of wills and administration of trusts related matters. Our Probate and Trust Administration Division has extensive experience in this field, capable of providing constructive legal advice and satisfying our client’s needs in order to fulfill their wishes.

In establishment of trusts, distribution and management of assets and establishment of off-shore company matters, our Probate and Trust Administration Division work closely with other divisions within the firm and external consultants to ensure our clients effectively administrates their assets, minimize tax burdens and risks arising in contentious matters including debt recovery, spousal claims or political crisis.    

We believe claims under Probate matters should be diligently managed. This not only minimizes deductible interest of the estate but also ensure beneficiaries receive their rights and legacies in a timely manner. We follow this principle strictly in assisting our clients complete any inheritance tax declarations and encourage our clients to adopt the same approach regarding any declarations made to the Probate Registry.

We offer the following services:

Assist clients in attaining Letters of Administration and Probate from the Probate Registry;

Assist overseas clients attain Letters of Administration, Probate, and stamping of documents from overseas Courts.