Finance and Securities

We are committed to developing a top-tier finance and securities practice. With a high starting point, exceptional standard and comprehensive development, we have quickly and deeply entrenched our legal services in banks, securities, funds, insurance, trusts, securities, asset financing and other related practices to set us apart in the market.

We offer the following services:

Incorporation of Financial Institutions and setting up its overseas branches

Incorporation and management of Securities and Investment Funds

Filling and Issuing Funds

Assisting Domestic Banks issue Commercial, Syndicate, Credit and Mortgage Loans

International Commercial and Policy Loans


Asset preservation and Debt Restructuring for Financial Institutions

Acquisition, Restructuring, Listing and Investment on Financial Institutions

Legal Consultation on international cooperation between Financial Institutions

Advising on the entire Insurance funds life cycle

Assist in the issuance of Short-Term Bonds and Mid-Term Notes

Corporate Finance through NEEQ, public listing or Bond Issuance

Import and Export Credit Finance and other Trade Finance

Debt Restructuring and Disposal of Non-Performing Assets

Financial Leasing

Advise on Market Regulations on Futures, Options and Derivatives Trading

Dispute Resolution on Financial and Securities Matters