Commercial Practice

We assist our clients with extensive general corporate matters including the establishment of business entities, legal due diligence, deal structuring, tax planning, negotiation and preparation of documents, planning and coordinating projects and providing legal opinion on industrial policy, foreign investment, anti-trust investigations, regulatory approval procedure, foreign currency, import and export industry, intellectual property, land permits and employment matters as well as conducting liaison and coordination with relevant governmental and regulatory bodies. Our extensive experience, professionalism coupled with our innovative mindset have benefited multiple listed companies, private companies, listing applicants, private equity funds, venture capital funds and entrepreneurs. 

We offer the following services:

Establishing Business Entities

Negotiation and Preparation of Documents

Deal Structuring

Tax Planning

Stock Incentive

Mergers and Acquisitions; Restructuring

Arranging and Coordinating Projects

Equity Investments and Venture Capital

Production of Legal Opinion and Serving as Perennial Corporate Counsel

Foreign Investment

Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Liquidation

Legal Due Diligence

Liaison and Coordination with Relevant Governmental and Regulatory Bodies

Consultation on Industrial Policy and Regulatory Approval Procedure