Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions

As a Guangdong-Hong Kong association law firm, we are able to provide our clients with overseas legal services pursuant to the approval of the Ministry of Justice. Our overseas legal services are led by our China qualified lawyers who jointly produce legal opinions and advice with our overseas lawyers. This model allows us to overcome previous barriers including language, cultural, mindset and commercial understanding differences which have often hindered clients from receiving satisfactory legal services. Under the association model, every one of our overseas or cross-border project will be led by one of our experienced lawyers who shares the same cultural and language background as the client, and will instruct the overseas lawyer accordingly to jointly produce legal opinions to the satisfaction and requirements of our clients.

We offer the following services:

Company Secretarial Services

> Registration and incorporation of Hong Kong Company or Overseas Company

> Daily company secretarial services

> Preparation for company Annual General Meeting

> Preparation of various legal documents

> Providing company registration address

> Transfer correspondences and mails

> Notary services for domestic or foreign matters

General Corporate Service

> Acquisition and disposition of companies, business and assets

> Establishing joint ventures and associations

> Company liquidation

> Application for licenses

> Drafting of various Commercial Agreements

> Trusts Management

> Compliance Management for Multinational Corporations

> Anti-Corruption Practices

> Labor Compliance Management

> Sales and Marketing Compliance Management

Securities and Corporate Financing

> Initial Public Offering (Main Board Market or Growth Enterprise Market)

> Share Allotments

> Preferred Share Offering Finance

> Rights Offering Finance

> Warrant Offering

Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

> Listed Company Tender Offers

> Privatization of Listed Companies

> Mergers and Acquisitions

> Venture Capital Projects

> Corporate Restructuring

> Shares Restructuring

> Debt Restructuring

> Asset Restructuring

Post-Listing Compliance Matters

> Compliance with Continuing Obligations under Listing Rules

> Compliance with Notifiable Transactions under Listing Rules

> Compliance with Companies Ordinance Cap. 622

> Compliance with Share Repurchase Code

> Compliance with Takeovers and Mergers Code

> Compliance with Securities and Futures Ordinance Cap. 571

> Application to Resume Trading of Suspended Securities

> Other rules and regulations

Commercial Financing

> Syndicated loans

> Project financing

> Business and Trade Financing

> Mortgage and Pledge

> Domestic loans with foreign credit or guarantees; Foreign loans with domestic credit or guarantees

> Cross-border loans

Intellectual Property

> Assist in application and registration of Trademark, Designs and Patent Rights

> IP protection schemes

> Legal action on contentious IP matters including possible infringement of Trademark, Designs and Patent Rights

> Defense of IP infringements and advice on correctional measures

Real Estate and Construction

> Assist developers on acquisition of land, drafting development plans, implementing development projects and provide legal opinions; assist in preparation of financial arrangements, application on permits for presale, and drafting property sale documents.

> General property sale and purchase matters and construction matters.

> Commercial, industrial and residential tenancy matters.

> Assist various parties coordinate on property development

> Planning and designing land ownership structure and designing tax-efficient operation model.

Litigation and Arbitration

> Debt recovery, contractual disputes, application for injunctions, civil infringements and torts, disciplinary litigations and investigations

> Marriage litigations, contentious legacy applications, labor disputes, insurance recovery

> Receivership, liquidation, bankruptcy and other related petitions

> Legal action against IP and copyright infringements

Overseas Transaction Planning, Taxation Planning and evaluation on applicability of International Taxation Agreements