Official Guests from Mexico visited Shenzhen and the firm

Date and time :2023-05-19

April 25, 2023, Mr. Luis Roberto Arechederra Pacheco, The Secretary of the Economic Development Department in Jalisco, Mexico, the Counselor of Economic Affairs for the Mexican Embassy in China, Mr. Héctor Jesús Dorbecker Herrera, and the Consul On General of Mexico in Guangzhou, Julián Adem Díaz de León visited Shenzhen and our firm. 

Our three foreign guests joined Mr. Liang Xinyue, Head of the Spanish and Latin American Legal Affairs Department of our firm; Mr. Víctor González, Senior Legal Counsel for Latin American Legal Affairs, Mr. Zhou Lisi, Senior Partner; Shen Tianju, Partner; and Wang Chao, Director of the External Liaison Department at the Qianhai Kerry Centre, for a cordial lunch.

In the morning, our lawyers welcomed the three guests and briefed them on the development of our Spanish and Latin American Legal Department. The three guests affirmed the firm's development path of "Based in the Bay Area, facing the world" and expressed their anticipation for more cooperation opportunities with the firm in the future. Our visitors also had a discussion with Director Wang Chao and our lawyers about the preparations for the "First Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Greater Bay Area-Latin America Economic and Trade Forum" to be held in Qianhai, Shenzhen in September this year, talking at length about guest invitations and forum themes. 

In the afternoon, our guests, accompanied by our lawyers, visited BYD Group in Pingshan District. Mr. Wu Jie, Deputy Director of Passenger Car Marketing and Management of the BYD Auto Americas Sales Division, received the visitors and invited them to visit BYD's showroom. Explained in detail by BYD’s Mexican and Peruvian employees, they learned about BYD's basic situation, development history, primary business, and technological advancement, displaying their blade battery needle puncture test and DM-i Core products as well as experimental projects such as super hybrid technology and self-developed chips. After visiting the exhibition hall, Mr. Wu Jie introduced BYD's business development in Mexico and had preliminary talks with the guests regarding the future establishment of a factory in Mexico. 

In the evening, our visitors and the firm’s lawyers visited Skyworth Semiconductor Building. Mr. Lin Jin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skyworth Group and Ma Hongyan, Vice President of Skyworth Automobile's Overseas Marketing, extended a warm welcome and invited everyone to dinner. After dinner, the Skyworth leaders invited the guests to tour Skyworth’s exhibition hall, displaying Skyworth automobiles, VR glasses, 8K adjustable curved TVs, smart home appliances, intelligent monitoring, smart city technology, and other core products. Our visitors praised Skyworth's high-quality tech products and R&D achievements, expressing that they were looking forward to future cooperation with Skyworth in home appliances and buses.

Although the visit was short, the visiting guests were impressed by Shenzhen and expressed high expectations for future exchanges and cooperation between Mexico and Shenzhen. Our lawyers and consultants deepened their understanding of Mexico's industrial and investment environment while also displaying Shenzhen's industrial structure and development potential to the guests.

In the future, the firm will continue to improve its international commercial legal service capabilities, promote the exchange of information and resources between enterprises in Shenzhen and Mexico, and assist these businesses in carrying out economic and trade cooperation to achieve mutual benefit.