P.C.Woo & Zhonglun W.D. LLP Listed in 2021 ALB China Regional Market Ranking: Top 15 Local Firms in South China

Date and time :2021-05-25

On May 21, Asian Legal Business published the 2021 ALB China Regional Market Ranking of South China, P.C.Woo & Zhonglun W.D. LLP (“P&Z”) entered the list for its efficient one-stop global legal services being provided by a multi-language legal service team and multi-jurisdictional practicing lawyers in the Greater Bay Area. 

The 2021 ALB China Regional Market Ranking (South China Firms) is divided into local law firms and non-local law firms, with 15 firms in each category and 30 firms in the final list. 



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P&Z was jointly founded by Zhonglun W.D Law Firm & P.C Woo & Co. Solicitors, which was also amongst the first batch of Guangdong-Hong Kong association firms approved by the Ministry of Justice.


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P&Z owns unique advantages in foreign-related legal services, and is equipped with a multi-language foreign-related legal service team, such as English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Japanese. The firm is also highly competitive in the fields of cross-border financing, dispute resolution, foreign-related finance and securities, intellectual property, data compliance, marriage and family affairs, etc.


As a gateway and pioneer in cross-border legal affairs between Zhonglun W.D. Law Firm and P.C Woo & Co. Solicitors, P&Z will continue to expand its business under the guideline of “facilitate domestic development with the interaction between the GBA and worldwide". In the future, P&Z will take Shenzhen Qianhai as its business and function centre. It is also imperative to make good use of the incentives and preferential policies provided by the “9+2” cities in the GBA, so as to expand service network and gradually build P&Z into a first-class comprehensive platform in South China, capable of providing diversified "one-stop" global legal services.