Financial and Tax Service

Date and time :2020-08-24

1  Company Virtual Address Service


Company virtual address Service


8000 yuan per year

1) Managing virtual company address

² Using the address to register company at the Qianhai Pilot Free Trade Zone

² Using the address to open business account at the bank

2) Collecting mails

3) The virtual address is able to take inspections from administrative authorities

Charges (RMB)

8000yuan/per year

2  Financial and Tax Consulting Service

Tax issues on Commercial Entities

1) New company or a new branch establishment.

² Giving advice on types of setting up entities, providing proposal on the tax issues future.

2) Daily business operation.

² Checking out the entities’ tax report situation, pointing out the problems and risks (if any).

² In line with the Chinese tax law and beneficial policies, giving advice on improvements, help our clients save the tax legally.

² Assisting our clients to apply the refunds.

3) Investment, M&A and other restructuring plans (short for “capital events”).

² Analyzing the tax matters when capital events happen. Giving proposal on the way in which capital events implement, listing out the enjoyable tax beneficial policies.

² Assisting to report the tax on those capital events in order to enjoy the tax benefit legally.

4) Dissolution and liquidation.

² Instructing to dispose the related assets, helping to prepare the documents satisfied to the tax bureau, writing off the taxation registration, etc.

Tax issues on Individuals

1) Employees

² This service mainly pins to the non-Chinese nationality staffs or the Chinese stuffs paid cross-board wages. We will point out the problems and risks (if any) the entities are having and give our advice on the improvement according to the Chinese individual tax law or other regulations to help stuffs to save the tax legally as much as possible.

2) Other non-Chinese nationalities

² We are going to mainly give advice on enjoy the bilateral treaty or not. Helping these people to apply for the application of the treaties.

3) Applying for subsides

² Helping the non-Chinese nationalities working in China Great bay to apply the financial subsides.

Charges (RMB)


charge for 3000RMB/per hour

Assisting to apply the refunds or subsidies

charge for 10% of the amount of refunds or subsidies and no less than 500RMB/per case. Prepay 20% of our charges, and the left should be paid in one time when receiving the refunds or subsidies.

3 Bookkeeping and Tax Declaration Services 


1) Completion of monthly account books;

2) Preparation of vouchers and journal entries for daily operation;

3) Maintenance of all general and sub-ledgers.

4) Filings monthly or quarterly to the in-charge tax bureaus, including the Value-Added tax, the corporate income tax, and other miscellaneous tax and surcharges;

5) Assisting our clients to enjoy the tax benefits in line with the Chinese tax law and other regulations;

6) Sending the completed annual tax declaration forms to the Company for approval before filing;

7) Filing the annual tax declaration forms and other relevant information with the in-charge tax bureau;

8) Feeding back the enquiries raised by the tax bureau before responding;

9) Answer the questions from clients around bookkeeping and tax declaration affairs;

10) According to entities’ actually running situation, giving our clients the appropriate tax advice to refer to.

Charges (RMB)

Gross capital flow/per year1,000,000 yuan

charge for 20,000 yuan/per year

After then, every increasing capital flow/per year

1,000,000 yuan

extra charge for 15,000 yuan/per year